The WYSE program is interactive and exposes students to basic wilderness safety skills.   We are a vendor with ASD and MSBSD and have delivered WYSE to many schools in grades 2-9 with great success.

This experiential workshop promotes teamwork and cooperation as students are faced with various wilderness challenges while rotating through skill stations such as:  shelter building, fire starting, wilderness first aid, snow safety, navigation, water safety, wildlife awareness, and the like.  

Schools and groups select from a menu of skills they wish for their students to learn so that WYSE is completely tailored for each group it is delivered to.  WYSE can be delivered in a variety of formats from 4-hour workshops to weekly lessons and everything in between.


WEME delivers this program several times a year for home school groups as well as during the summer months as a multi-day training program.  This very popular program teaches the basic fundamentals of response, assessment, and treatment of injuries and medical emergencies when definitive care is not close by. Packed with hands-on learning and wilderness scenarios, the Youth WFA builds confidence and supports participants working together in a team.  CPR training is also included in this program.

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