Dorothy Adler, MLSt
Owner, Lead Instructor

I began teaching Wilderness Medical classes in 2007, while residing in McCarthy, Alaska.  As a mountain climbing guide and through my experiences participating in rescue work, I grew my passion for teaching wilderness safety skills.
When I embarked on launching Wilderness Emergency Medical Education my hope was to reach not only my students, but also impart wilderness safety skills to their friends and family members, as I discovered how much influencing one person can ultimately influence so many.  
I am a certified SOLO Wilderness Medical Instructor and proud to represent New Hampshire based SOLO Schools in Alaska.  While my passion as a WEMT is in delivering wilderness medical courses, I am also a SOA EMT Instructor and an ASHI Instructor, classes which focus more on urban medicine.
While my outdoor pursuits continue to be primary in my life, imparting my knowledge and skills to my 11-year old son is what motivates me to continue to ski, climb, hike, and plan the next adventure.

Dorothy can be reached directly via email at dorothy@akwildmed.com


Assistant Instructor

Heather is an assistant instructor for WEME.  She is WEMT certified and an ASHI Instructor.  Heather has been assisting with wilderness education and medical courses for over 5 years.  

Heather is working on her Bachelors Degree in Nursing and in her free time, enjoys boating, hiking, camping, cooking, reading and traveling.

Heather is a Mom of two extraordinary young children, whom she homeschools in her spare time.

Heather can be reached directly via email at heather@akwildmed.com

(907) 982-6945

PO Box 168 Palmer AK United States 99645

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